About Us

The Citizen Journo website is an Australian Networking site for motorcyclists, recreational flyers & kayakers, dedicated to vlogging and video journalism. Encouraging citizens to take greater interest and involvement with issues that effect themselves now as well as for future generations.

Article 19. HondaValkerieWithTrailor2

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“Citizen Journo” is a website dedicated to providing a network for Citizen Video Journalists, vloggers who just happen to be motorcyclists, recreational pilots & kayakers as well as members of the general public. Cooperating together with a common cause of expressing our point of view and opinion on the many subjects that effect us and future generations to come.

What drives us
The need to inspire and encourage a truly democratic society. By helping people to participate more in the democratic process, through recorded visual expression and opinion from members of the public.

The People
The people listed on this site as “Bushrangers” are motorcyclists, recreational pilots & kayakers, wanting to contribute to the distribution of citizen media for the public to view. Therefore providing citizens, with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the future. The purpose behind Citizen Journo is to provide a network of like minded people, such as contributors, business people as well as individuals who believe in what we are doing and wish to support us through links from their websites and other various ways. The majority of citizen journalists involved with this site, will come from a motorcycling, flying or kayaking background. However this is not to say that contributions from the general public are not welcome. As long as the content keeps within the main subject of “Social & Environmental Change” and can relate in some way to “The Human Relationship With Nature”. There is also a provision on this site for members of the public to sell their Adventure Assets privately (aircraft, motorbikes, kayaks) including links to video sources on the Internet.

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