Bushrangers, is the descriptive term used for the citizen journalists (mainly motorcyclists or “Motojourno’s”) who travel the country, searching for suitable stories of public interest. Bushrangers also cover travelling expenses by doing the occasional freelance job for people selling their adventure assets privately on the Internet. Below are details of present bushrangers and a bit about our personal background. If you would like to contact us about a possible story or for freelance work. Please feel free to use our contact details and links provided.


Ross D. Hopkins
Based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. I am the original founder of citizenjourno.com.au and will be regularly travelling throughout Australia as well as overseas. Collecting stories relating to recreational aviation (trikes), motorcycling as well as kayaking, with some form of social and environmental benefit to society. Also recording stories and opinions covering relevant issues facing the future of Australia. One of the many issues that I am presently interested in, is a national “Bill Of Rights” for Australia.

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