Tools Of Trade

In the drop down menu of ‘Tools Of Trade”. You will find further information and links to websites that I have discovered through extensive research on the Internet. Being useful free tools for citizen journalism and creating vlogs as well as photo/video classifieds, that can be linked to the citizen journo website.

The first on the menu is “10 Steps to Citizen Journalism”. This gives a fairly interesting insight into Internet Journalism. “Tripod” can provide a number of ways to set up your own personal Internet classified or vlog to upload text, digital photos and video. “Blogger” has free tools for you to simply create your very own personal vlog or blog that can include text, digital photo’s and video. “” the free video hosting site, ten times better than U-Tube. Is also available to store and stream your content from ten’s to thousand’s of viewers worldwide. This site, is specifically for citizen journalists and vloggers. “The Word” newspaper/magazine, will allow you to promote your vlog, website or classified as well as advertise whatever you might be selling privately or commercially, with a free digital photo and text.

If you want to advertise/promote or sell your wares to a more specific demographic such as motorcyclists. Then the “Bike Nut” site will provide a useful free tool. Specifically targeted for riders to advertise any bikes or gear you might have for sale, free of charge, with up to 9 photo’s allowed. “Allbids”, has a free section called me2u, for listing private items that you wish to sell through an on-line Auction, similar to eBay with up to 8 free photo’s. The warehouse and main office is located in Canberra, ACT.

You are more than welcome to take a look at these websites, that are pretty much self explanatory in their instructions as to how to set up and use effectively. Just click on the links, that will take you directly to the website home page. However, if something is not 100% clear and you would like some pointers, then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help out as much as possible.

Ross D. Hopkins

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